The next generation of railway simulation

Trenissimo is a new tool designed to make railway simulation more intuitive, accurate, and efficient. Intuitive thanks to the easy-to-use user interface and the interactive graphs. Accurate for its detailed models and for its innovative ability to replicate dispatcher train priority decisions as in real operations. Efficient thanks to its integration with trenolab’s planning and analysis tool – which significantly reduces the time spent to setup, run and analyse simulations.

Trenissimo is


Trenissimo simulates railway operations by solving the motion equation to calculate the position of all trains on a second-by-second basis while fully considering the signalling and interlocking constraints.


Trenissimo’s infrastructure model includes all elements relevant for railway operations: the complete topology, as well as signalling, interlocking and ATP/ATC details.


Trenissimo uses real dispatching criteria to determine train priority in the simulation. Additional dispatching criteria are being added continuously to cover the full range of real operations.


Trenissimo is accurate

Trenissimo combines state-of-the-art simulation with real operating data to accurately model the complex interactions between railway infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock, timetables and human factors.

Traffic management – Trenissimo replicates dispatcher train priority decisions based on published research and project-specific data.

Driver behaviour – Trenissimo simulates train movements using research on real operator driving practices.

Signalling systems – Trenissimo precisely models specific national signalling systems.

Disturbances – Trenissimo integrates actual and stochastically estimated delays throughout the simulation (e.g., departure delay, pedestrian flow-related delay).


Trenissimo is intuitive

Trenissimo is specifically designed to simplify model construction and modifications.

Line importer – Trenissimo imports a variety of file formats reducing the time needed to draw the infrastructure model in the graphic editor.

Automatic itinerary creation – Trenissimo automatically creates train itineraries based on signal-to-signal routes entered by users.

Replay – Trenissimo records the position of trains and their operating data, allowing users to replay entire simulations and quickly correct modelling inaccuracies.


Trenissimo is efficient

Trenissimo’s efficiency improves timetable planning and investment decisions by reducing the work needed to simulate more and more complex alternatives.

Easy set-up and analysis – full integration with the TRENO suite makes it easy to import, edit and use data in a simulation, and to analyse results.

Simple to run and organise – users directly select data and simulation parameters from trenissimo’s control panel and output is automatically stored in project folders.

Extremely fast – simulations are completed within minutes thanks to the multiple CPU and GPU code optimisations

Trenissimo is battle tested

Our consultants are our first users! Here are some numbers on the simulations that we ran at trenolab since October 2019

1,438,590 simulations

We can easily launch a large number of simulations.

1,835,795,928 trains

The average number of trains traveling daily in the UK is just over 24,000

27,195,790,812 km traveled

Our (simulated) trains have traveled a very long distance!

29,865,390 hours

One year is made of 8,760 hours. We simulated quite some time!

Trenissimo is versatile

Here are some of the ways trenissimo can help you:

Timetable analysis and development

Investment planning and evaluation

Timetable performance, punctuality and robustness analysis

New rolling stock and service pattern performance comparison

Disruption and incident analysis

Bid preparation

New signalling system assessment (e.g. ETCS, ATO)

Station operations and infrastructure enhancement planning

Sensitivity analysis

Possession planning

Looking for a better railway simulation experience?

We are an energetic and growing young team of railway software developers and planners. We work together with highly experienced consultants on a wide variety of projects where we use and improve our TRENO software. We also license our software to railways worldwide, offer training and provide project-specific software customisations.
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