Who we are

trenolab is an independent, employee-owned consulting and software development company.
 It was founded in 2015 to continue and improve development of the TRENO suite designed to make railway operations analysis and modelling more accurate and efficient.
 In three years the company has grown to a team of 10 transport or computer engineers who share a real and deep passion for railways.


How we work

Not just a consultancy, and not just a software company, trenolab works to remain a real laboratory of railway operations, in which the processes and tools are relentlessly improved. We use a combination of experience, data analysis and simulation to identify the most suitable solutions for our clients. We develop customised software tools to analyse problems, design and evaluate solutions, and implement plans. We maintain close contact with multiple universities, participate in scientific conferences, and publish our innovative achievements in leading technical journals. Why? Simply because we believe that a better railway is key for a better quality of life.

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What drives us

We believe that railways can be a highly sustainable and attractive mobility provider. We strive to make them run at their very best by optimising their investments and operations.

Passion for railways

It is not just a job: railways are something that we truly love. And this passion drives us especially when the tasks become difficult, or when we face a new challenge.

Taste for finding new ways

Never do it twice in exactly the same way! Improving our tools and methods a bit every time is more interesting, fun, and demonstrates to our clients that we try to do a bit better, every day.


We don’t stop after a first glance: we love to investigate and understand all details.

A little bit better

We will not change the world. But we are proud that our work helps improve railways used by millions of people every day.

Key People

Our team is made up by transportation and computer engineers who share a passion for railway systems. Our directors have at least 10 years of experience as consultants on railway operations, with a broad set of reference projects in many countries.

Giorgio Medeossi Technical Director

I’m amazed at how smoothly railway systems can carry thousands of people on infrastructures designed centuries ago. At trenolab, we strive to make them even better.

Stefano de Fabris Chief developer

Railways have used computers for decades. However, they have not yet harvested the huge potential of combining big data analysis and simulation.

Giuliano Montanaro Independent consultant

Looking at a nice-looking classic timetable as the key for successful operations is like trying to pass by an iceberg. You don’t see most of it.


The best solutions come from teams with varied experience and backgrounds. Our team of experienced partners helps extend our range of services and increases our deep knowledge of railways.


LIFT Trieste, Italy

From urban mobility to freight corridors, LIFT applies the latest scientific achievements to improve transportation systems, focusing on railway operations, pedestrians and traffic engineering at the scientific and applied levels.

Rail Aspects London, UK

Rail Aspects Limited is an independent, specialist railway consultancy business that can help you with all aspects of railway operations and railway systems engineering.

alius consulting Zürich, Switzerland

Alius combines in an innovative way a strong consulting and management experience with a deep technical knowledge in rail systems to ensure the client the best result and added value.

Six reasons to work with trenolab


Urgent deliveries or changed inputs are not a problem. We quickly adapt our workflow to the needs of our clients.


Our passion for railways is the fuel that makes us continuously strive to find the best solutions.


We have unparalleled experience in the analysis of railway operations and microscopic simulation.

Continuous development

Our tools are continuously improved to make our work more efficient. This is our secret for obtaining better results in a shorter time.


We love to thoroughly understand railway operations, and find ways to make it better.

Team spirit

Our motto is Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno: one for all, all for one. And we support our clients with the same spirit.