Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Operations Analysis

Increasing timetable robustness on a rapid transit network

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a public transportation operator serving the San Francisco Bay Area. BART’s core service is provided on a heavy rail (metro) network centred on San Francisco. The heavy rail service is currently operating very close to capacity where minor delays can propagate through the network causing significant impacts on passenger service. In this project trenolab supported SMA USA in a study designed to identify strategies for reducing delays. Our work began by preparing a detailed evaluation of current operations. Next, we performed a multi-level assessment using TRENOanalysis to identify the critical train sequences and intervals. Finally, we developed and assessed strategies for increasing operational robustness based on more accurate operation.

Our tasks:

  • Operations analysis
  • 2017/05 - 2017/07
  • USA
  • Data Analysis
  • TRENOanalysis