UK Network Model Pilot development

Development of microscopic model import interfaces from GIS-based infrastructure database

To improve the timetable planning and operation process, Network Rail is aiming to create a virtual UK rail network model, which can be used to simulate timetable changes or operational adjustments in a more flexible and standardised way. The basis for this model is an infrastructure database containing all existing infrastructure elements.

These infrastructure elements need to be matched with other data sources to obtain the necessary operational information on certain elements such as signal, route or line names. trenolab created import interfaces to facilitate the matching of the infrastructure database with the necessary operational information and tested them on various pilot networks, such as the London Waterloo - Woking, the London Paddington - Maidenhead and the Manchester Castlefield corridors.

The experience gained through the utilisation of these tools enabled Network Rail to improve their infrastructure database and accelerate the exchange of microscopic simulation models between different stakeholders.

Our tasks:

  • Microscopic simulation model development
  • Data usability improvement
  • 2021/07 - 2022/04
  • UK
  • Network Rail
  • Software Development
  • trenissimo