ERTMS for the Trønderbanen

Simulating ERTMS signalling and infrastructure upgrades with future timetable concepts

Since 2021 trenolab has been supporting Bane NOR planning new service concepts and infrastructure investments on the Trønderbanen. The initial activities required to simulate the performance of two major releases of the new timetable of the Trønderbanen R2025 combined with a predetermined set of infrastructure improvements. The testing process consisted into developing several microscopic infrastructure variants and simulating the operations under various delay scenarios to evaluate the timetable performance versus the infrastructure improvements.

Further simulation activities consisted into testing the impact of ERTMS signalling between Leangen and Steinkjer on the new Trønderbanen timetable concepts. In addition to simulating services under ETCS Level 2 operations, trenolab evaluated several infrastructure variants using stochastic simulation.

A preliminary evaluation of the planned freight train performance was also conducted using stochastic simulations, where a spread of traction curve performance and brake release times has been modelled in trenissimo.

Our tasks:

  • Timetable refinement
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Operations analysis
  • Microscopic simulation model development
  • Microscopic simulation model calibration
  • Microscopic stochastic simulation
  • 2021/01 - 2021/11
  • Norway
  • Bane NOR
  • Integrated Service and Infrastructure Planning
  • TRENOplus, trenissimo, TRENOanalysis