Norway Railway Network 2029 Traffic Capacity Analysis

Network level capacity estimation

The Norwegian Railway Directorate is preparing an ambitious investment plan to increase service frequency and reduce running times on the most corridors throughout the country. trenolab assisted the Directorate by performing a network level capacity estimation study to evaluate the consistency between the planned investments and the future service concept. The study results presented an estimation of total and residual capacity of all lines in the Norwegian network in its current configuration and as forecasted in 2029.

In this study trenolab used the TRENOplus rail network capacity module (an algorithm based on the UIC 405 leaflet). This timetable-independent method estimates the capacity of all line sections in the network using the expected service concept (daily distribution of all services on the network, considering their planned running times, stopping patterns, etc) and estimates the blocking times based on the microscopic infrastructure model integrated in trenissimo.

Our tasks:

  • Macroscopic capacity estimation
  • 2018/10 - 2018/12
  • Norway
  • Jernbanedirektoratet
  • Integrated Service and Infrastructure Planning
  • TRENOplus, TRENOplus/RNC