Analysis of operations on the Bergen line

Recommendations for improving punctuality on the Bergen line

The Bergensbanen connects Hønefoss to Bergen through a scenic 371 kilometres railway line. The line reaches the highest point at 1237 m above sea level west of Finse before descending towards Western Norway past Myrdal down to Voss, where it continues along the fjords to Bergen. In 2021 the service performance were not achieving the target performance and thus trenolab has been tasked to analyse the operations, compare the planned timetable with actual train records and provide recommendations.

The analysis looked at how the rolling stock was operated, looking at the time spent in station/yard activities and comparing it with the planned technical times. Actual delays along the line were analysed in respect to planned timetable. The result of this performance analysis study was a list of concrete recommendations to improve punctuality.

Our tasks:

  • Operations analysis
  • 2022/04 - 2022/06
  • Norway
  • Bane NOR
  • Data Analysis
  • TRENOanalysis, trenissimo, TRENOplus