Performance modelling of Paris Est Station

Evaluating the impact on performance of timetable changes and investments

Paris Est station is a major mobility hub, serving the high speed trains from Eastern France, regional and interregional services as well as the suburban the Eole line. With over 30 station tracks and almost 40 million passengers per year is one of the largest and busiest station in Paris.

This study, commissioned by SNCF Transilien, included the test of several scenarios at different time horizons:

  • Verify the feasibility and stability of the 2020 summer timetable which foresees the closure of the Eole line tunnel and the presence in the surface station of many additional trains;
  • Analyze the impacts of several evolutions of the network and service (such as new rolling stock, different service pattern, etc);
  • Verify a series of medium and long term investments in terms of stability and performance and identify possible strategies to be adopted in the next years to improve the efficiency of operations.

Our tasks:

  • Operations analysis
  • Timetable refinement
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Microscopic simulation model development
  • Microscopic simulation model calibration
  • Microscopic stochastic simulation
  • 2020/01 - 2020/10
  • France
  • SNCF Mobilité
  • Timetable Planning, Integrated Service and Infra Planning
  • TRENOanalysis, TRENOplus, trenissimo