Simulation of a new timetable for Switzerland-Italy cross-border services

Comparison of ‘compromise variant’ and current timetable after Ceneri Base Tunnel opening

The Ceneri Base Tunnel connects Camorino to Vezia creating a faster alternative for trains that were previously climbing the conventional high-level railway running through the historic Monte Ceneri tunnel. After the opening of the Ceneri Base Tunnel the infrastructure managers SBB and RFI evaluated several timetable improvements and running time reductions for the international trains between Switzerland and Italy. The proposed changes were inserted in a new timetable called “compromise variant”.

In this study trenolab evaluated the performance of the proposed timetable by comparing it with the chosen reference scenario, which was the 2021 timetable as operating during the study.

Our tasks:

  • Timetable refinement
  • Microscopic simulation model calibration
  • Microscopic stochastic simulation
  • 2021/08 - 2021/12
  • Switzerland
  • SBB
  • Timetable Planning
  • TRENOplus, TRENOanalysis, trenissimo