We are glad to announce MTR trenolab

We are glad to announce the launch of MTR trenolab, a joint-venture with our long-term client and partner

MTR UK. The joint venture is initially aimed at helping Britain’s rail industry to optimise operations and timetable planning, to improve customer journeys through a combination of powerful simulation technology and industry-leading excellence. Our customised solutions are based on a comprehensive offer including joint infrastructure and service planning, timetable robustness modelling and contingency and service recovery modelling. This leads to better planning, more reliable services, and faster recovery times when trains get delayed.

MTR and trenolab partnered to drive improvements during the phased opening of the Elizabeth line in London, conducting timetable modelling work to identify performance risks that could then be mitigated before each new timetable was launched. As a result, MTR Elizabeth line trains had an average 94.4% punctuality during summer of 2022, compared to 87.6% for all London and South East Operators. A more complete description can be found at this link.

This successful relationship has evolved into a Joint Venture, that aims to offer similar expertise and improvements to the rest of the rail network.

Discover more on mtr trenolab at the dedicated webpage.