RailBelgrade 2023

trenolab is a proud sponsor of the RailBelgrade 2023 conference being held April 25 - 28, 2023 at the University of Belgrade. Most of our team will attend the conference and several of us will present our research and work.

RailBelgrade 2023 is the 10th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis sponsored by the International Association of Railway Operations Research (IAROR). The conference series is designed to promote interdisciplinary discussion in railway planning and operations research by combining the expertise of academics and professionals.

We will present two papers: one written with Thomas Nygreen, Paola Pellegrini and Joaquin Rodriguez entitled “A multi-objective framework for strategic railway timetabling: integration of ant colony optimization and mixed integer linear programming” and one with Andy Nash and Mike Bagshaw entitled “Agile Simulation: An approach for increasing optimisation in railway planning”.

trenolab is especially honoured to sponsor the ICROMA’s Young Railway Operations Research Award. The EUR prize is awarded for the best three papers on innovative research carried out and presented by a researchers under 35 years old.