We are again on tour! The trenolab team in Bavaria

At the beginning of September our group of 16 consultants and software developers went for a technical visit to Germany. The highlight of the tour was a visit at the construction site of the new railway tunnel below Munich (2. Stammstrecke München). The visit was professionally guided by Max Weiß, project engineer at DB Netz AG and responsible for BIM modelling of the three new underground stations. As he explained, the station and the tunnel are constructed in a depth of 40 m, which poses unique challenges in terms of geology, groundwater containment and construction, but also for passenger flow management once the stations are opened to the public.

The team received additional insight in the overall project and had the chance to discuss the network effects of this project on the S-Bahn in the region. Many thanks to Max and the DB team for making this experience possible!

After the time in Munich the tour continued with a visit to the DB Museum in Nürnberg and a stopover in Salzburg on the way back to Italy.