The national Italian television features trenolab!

Rai 3, the third channel of the national public broadcasting company of Italy, introduced trenolab to the broader public by airing two reports on the 17th of April. Founded six years ago, trenolab is today one of the leading companies providing timetable planning and simulation services to railways worldwide. During the Rai 3 visit to the company offices in Gorizia, the journalist Nada Cok interviewed Giorgio Medeossi, Technical Director of trenolab, and Stefano de Fabris, Chief developer.

Giorgio Medeossi stated: “Many people are surprised when they find out that trenolab, despite being based in Gorizia, serves railways worldwide and works on such prestigious projects as the Elizabeth line in London. Operating from Gorizia allows to enjoy the vicinity to the Adriatic Sea, the Alps and the Collio hills while the good connectivity of local airports enables us to easily attend meetings at the Clients in person”.

Stefano de Fabris, Chief Developer, added: “Most of our customers already have their internal timetable planning team, but they ask us to collaborate with them, because, as external consultants, we are not biased by service history and can deliver innovative, efficient and cost-effective timetable proposals. Additionally, our set of tools allows simulating in a couple of hours an entire year of operations: in this way we understand the impact of our proposals can can fine-tune them to maximise performances”.

One of the videos broadcasted by Rai 3 can be viewed on Rai News