Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done (Ben Stein). 


When working on complex and/or large networks, having a clear view over lines and station is fundamental to understand how they are structured and how trains are routed.
Moreover, the possibility to create attractive images with just few clicks, using various maps as backgrounds, consistently increases the communicability of the projects, with a intuitive and self-explaining description of the network.

TRENO allows viewing the network at three levels of detail:
a) a “geographic" network showing the lines and stations on a map
b) a “Macroscopic” network, simplified to show large areas in a single image.
c) a “Mesoscopic” network in which the position of all signals, gradients, tunnels and speed limits can be displayed


  • Geographically accurate, simplified, or detailed: one for any possible need!
  • Visualization of any part of the network;
  • Extremely simple editing;
  • Visualization of complex layouts;
  • Visualization of train itinerary;
  • Multiple Google and OpenStreetMap backgrounds;
  • Graphic definition of station coordinates.