The next generation of timetable planning. 


Timetable planning is becoming more and more strategic for railway operators, since a well-planned timetable allows maximizing the potentials of existing networks in terms of capacity and quality of services.
While extraordinary advances have been obtained in the last years in the algorithms to support timetable planning and in the computational efforts of computers, timetable planners take only very limited advantage of this progress, since the most used tools are still based on concepts developed several years ago.
TRENOPlus is a powerful timetable planning tool developed to simplify the planning process maximizing productivity.
Developed from scratch with the aim of taking maximum advantage from the latest advances in the network models and algorithms, TRENOPlus appears as the most recent and innovative timetable planning tool.
Completely new and innovative, TRENOPlus features a a full range of tools and outputs that support planners at the different levels of timetable planning.
Extremely robust, based on a scalable database management system supporting any number of trains and the shared use of a data set even on the basic version.